Spectral Imaging Techniques in Conservation

Multispectral imaging is a non-invasive analysis technique, useful both prior to or during intervention, in a wide range of specialization fields. Among others, it allows to make invisible features (such as under-drawings) visible, and the identification and mapping of constitutive materials.

The workshop will focus on the current Spectral Imaging technology used in active and preventive art conservation. Its basic principles, applications, operation methods and efficiency will be introduced and demonstrated by the scientist Prof. Vassilis Papadakis and the conservator António Cardoso of XpectralTEK. Potential applications on cultural heritage will be presented from real case studies, with a hands-on session on different materials like paintings, paper, glass, ceramics.


13:30 Welcome

13:45 Introduction: Spectral Imaging in Art Conservation. XPECAM Platform: Current Technology

14:45 Hands-on session (XpeCAM equipment)

15:45 Coffee break

16:15 Spectral Imaging Testimonies

16:50 Discussion session: Technology sum-up and questions

17:15 XpeCAM X02 Project: The Future

18:00 End of Spectral Imaging Workshop  

The workshop will be held in English. Limited number of participants - students and heritage professionals.

XpectralTEK is a company with focus on imaging diagnostic, creating tools to assist professionals in their daily work. This event is sponsored by EU funding and supported by Ecole Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc, Liège.

Praktische info

ESA Saint-Luc Liège, Boulevard de la Constitution 41, Luik
25 euro (studenten), 40 euro (professionals)
Meer info

Organisatie en inschrijven: SHAKE in Conservation

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